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What is Applied Life?

From science to skills that help you thrive – in business, education, love, and life.

“Applied Life” is a think tank, professional network and community. They want to help you challenge assumptions of what is possible and find new ways as well as develop new skills that help you thrive in being your authentic self in business, education, love, and life.

What did we do?

We created the corporate identity design of Applied Life in accordance with its brand values. The logo is balanced and simple, just like the zen stones. The typography and logo form have a harmonious geometry. We even designed unique sub-brand logos for different topics. All the logos are similar to the primary logo yet they are more dynamic. We delivered a range of design assets from stationary to presentation templates by complying with the brand guidelines.

Asset 1_8x.png
Asset 4_8x.png
Asset 3_8x.png
Asset 5_8x.png
Asset 6_8x.png
Asset 7_8x-100.jpg
Asset 8_8x-100.jpg
Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.png
Asset 1_8x-100_edited.jpg
Asset 2_3x.png

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