Baht is a London and Istanbul-based design studio. 


We produce end-to-end solutions from the logo and identity to the website and marketing materials.


We define your values, target audience, competitors, and then start working. We create design materials that are simple, functional, and in line with trends. We create a sustainable brand language as it is a long journey.

We appreciate researching, experiencing, and endeavoring for the better.

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A better logo and corporate identity are the ones compatible with brand values ​​and target audience. They should be suitable for the medium to be used, different and unique from its competitors. The idea can be simple and creative. ​

We define values, target audience, competitors together. 

We create beneficial, simple, original designs for related medium.

Branding is a long journey. We deliver files in accordance with sustainability.

A better design would be possible with the correct brief, enough time, and a good design team. We are ready! Are you?



In visual communication, images, forms, shapes, and patterns that do not respond to the need or do not create value in visual communication are useless and harmful to the eyes. Those cause the loss of content, especially in today's world, where we are exposed to image bombardment. Simplicity is, therefore, indispensable for the content to be transferred aesthetically and easily.


Branding & Identity Design

Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Additional Brand Assets

Web Design & UI

Web Site & Platforms, Mobile Apps, Product Displays


Corporate Presentation, Template Design, Invester Deck,

Pitch Deck

Marketing & Social Media 

Google Ads, Social Media Assets, Landing Pages 


So what do you need?  We conduct meetings to understand your brand and free consulting.


Fill in the form, and we will schedule a meeting. 

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