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Baht is a London and Istanbul based design studio.
We take your brand through a journey with end-to-end solutions. From your logo design and identity to your website and marketing materials, we got you covered.
erienced in working with various start-ups, medium-sized enterprises and consultancy firms, when we cross paths with your brand, we define and get to know your values, products and services, target audience and competitors. After that, keeping an open mind for creative coincidences, we create design materials that are simple and functional. We want your brand to be timeless, so we deliver a sustainable and democratized visual and verbal identity.
Best designs happen with the correct brief, enough time, and a great design team. 🧿 We bring in-depth research, experience, and hard work. We don’t see you only as clients, but also teammates! You will be in good hands. We are ready! Are you?

Who we are
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