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Baht. Design Studio presents:

Branding Journey Map

A branding book for companies, startups, workplaces illustrated through the tube metaphor.

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Like an underground route, branding is a journey that includes many elements.

In this e-book, we explain the zones, tube lines, and stops that you will pass step by step.


You will discover different ways to grow your business and become a brand. Your ticket is ready, let’s embark on the journey!

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For us, the branding journey is like going on the underground. Just like tube lines, it comprises the intersections of different processes. You can reach other zones with transfers in these lines. Your journey starts with the research zone, goes through design and reaches marketing. You continue with the rings and returns.


Moreover, as the business grows, you can construct new subways with up-to-date technology and integrate them into existing ones.

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Mind the gap!

You will need to use different lines on this journey. You will entrust yourself to brand strategists, designers, copywriters, lawyers, marketers, data analysts, and many more who are the drivers of these lines. ​


Depending on the necessity of your business, you can get on the line where you need. On the other hand, you may need to certainly stop at some situations or skip a couple of them. It is a decision to make according to the basis of needs, goals, and costs.


Branding Journey Map

19 pages, A4 size, 3656 words

Customer service update:

This e-book was created on January 2021 and updated on January 2022.

Concept Design:

Fatma Karslioglu, Sener Soysal

Authors: Gonca Mutaf, Sener Soysal



Hazal Ozkeles


Proof Reading:

Nathan Hemming-Brown, Zeynep Elif Ergin


Fonts: Gill Sans Book Gill Sans Semibold


Sincerely to Edward Johnston, who prepared the London Underground logo, and Eric Gill.

All rights reserved. Cannot be used without the permission of Baht. Design Studio. LTD.  

Can be quoted with reference.

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