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Globit helps banks improve treasury operations through innovation, integration, automation.


With more than 20 years of experience in treasury, they have continuously improved treasury tools, processes, and methodologies to serve their customers better.


Through dozens of treasury projects completed and thousands of issues solved, they earned the reputation of being highly customer-centric, agile and punctual.


We rebranded Globit’s visual identity to align it with its new values. We redesigned a wide range of assets in this process, starting from the logo and ending with the website.


We differentiated the brand identity by reflecting power and agility together. A fluid icon, which is reminiscent of data, is combined with geometric typography. For a modern twist, we used digitised colours and added a software-like feeling. The letters I and T are slightly hidden in the icon.


We care about sustainability; that’s why each brand asset is delivered in editable formats. The website is also built on the WordPress CMS platform.

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Client: Ozan Vakar (Globit)

Consultant: Hüseyin Nalbantoğlu

Project Management: Sinan Yalçın (Globit), Fatma Karslıoğlu (Baht.)

Art Director: Şener Soysal

Graphic Designers: Zeynep Elif Ergin, Gonca Mutaf, Oğuzhan Uğurlu

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