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We designed the brand identity of Blankie. Blankie is a warm, friendly, and unique product. Its embracing attitude is the main idea behind ​​the branding. Blankie positioned itself in the unique classiness and warmth that makes people happy. The logo and identity design was created on these feelings, and arms were embraced! Logo, label, bag, posts, and much more were created. We develop strategies and design social media content in cooperation with the Blankie Team. We are happy and proud that Blankie has achieved a great sales chart in such a short time!

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Purple #5e70da

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Green #5ddbca

Gray #e3e3e3

Blankie's warmth and a hug are amazing! That's why Blankie has two hashtags: #feelingofblankie and #whatthehug.


The second hashtag was found by a happy accident during a meeting. (From the Baht team :)

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Free Shipping

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Extra Soft Fabric

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Same Day Delivery

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Paying at the Door

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Free Returns

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Made in Turkey

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Thousands of Happy Customers

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Blankies are waiting for their new owners in their bags.

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Thank  you for appreciating.

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