Tridi is a young and dynamic enterprise, serving in the digital manufacturing industry. It contributes to new enterprises producing prototypes and to the companies developing new products by 3D Printing, CNC, molding services. Having established a partnership with ITU Teknokent, Tridi developed its business model by pivoting and creating new value proposals.


We prepared a brand identity concept suitable for the new business model by preserving the logo we previously designed.



Tridi is both progressing in the developing digital production sector, and providing added value to the production of other companies. In terms of the start-up ecosystem, Tridi is both a boat and a lighthouse in this "blue ocean". It clears the way and guides.


We abstracted these concepts and designed a new brand identity. The green shapes combined with the Tridi logo give reference to the light and the wave trail. It has a dynamic setting that goes by the communication channel, content and text. Just like the ocean…

we like simplicity, functionality, serendipity and we      typography

Baht. London and Istanbul based design studio.

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