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Ottoman Turkish Discovery Portal

Muteferriqa is an AI based online research portal; that contains an exceptionally rich collection of printed materials published in the Ottoman Empire, including mainly books and periodicals printed from the 18th to mid-20th century. 

Muteferriqa offers the opportunity to access and read the Ottoman archive easily by searching in Turkish or English. An eye-opening and facilitating solution for researchers!

Brand values were determined in line with the startup's artificial intelligence-based technology and the expectations of its target audience, researchers. We created a modern, simple, innovative visual language. A flawless sans serif font in vibrant red and purple-tinged dark blue. Contrary to expectations, there are no orientalist details or colors. Only the letter "meem", which is the Ottoman equivalent of the letter "m", accompanies the typography with the same lines. We designed the landing page, the interface designs of the product and all materials with the same approach.


Currently, the trial version of Muteferriqa are available online and in use in the libraries of reputable universities and the British Library.

The Muteferriqa icon is a combination of letter “m” & letter “meem” which represent Modern Turkish & Ottoman Turkish.

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İbrahim Müteferrika, introduced the Ottoman Turkish printing press in 1727 and published the first printed book, Vankulu Lügatı, in 1729. 

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Indigo Violet


Cinnabar Red


Pure Black


Pure White


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a corpus of 7 million pages and 660.000 visuals

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texts and visuals. 


by similarity with a single click.


in English, Turkish, or Ottoman Turkish.

Full-text search and Discovery

In Ottoman Turkish Periodicals and Books

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Muteferriqa lets you perform full-text search within seconds across millions of pages of its corpus, which consists of virtually all the books and a large majority of periodicals ever printed in Ottoman Turkish.


As Baht, we prepared Muteferriqa's product interface design based on the new visual identity. We also designed user-friendly solutions together with the development team.

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Berkin Malkoç, Barış Malkoç (Muteferriqa)

Project Managers

C. Ozan Ceyhan (Muteferriqa), Şener Soysal (Baht.)

Art Director Fatma Karslıoğlu

Brand Design

Ahmet Emir Çimen, Berk Poyraz,  Şener Soysal

Product UI Design

Gonca Mutaf

Related Projects

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UI Design / Icon Design

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