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Cloudoffix is a new-generation 360 application that holds many different applications.



The challenge of this study was that Cloudoffix is a set of applications that offer 360-degree solutions for companies. This means that there are many solutions in the application, such as CRM, in-house chat, task management, and e-mail marketing. So, while applying the visual language we created, we also tried to keep it consistent and user-friendly.


We designed the product UI, application icons, corporate presentation and website. Based on the existing logo and its values, we created a warm visual communication language with fluid forms, gradient transitions, colours and friendly assets. Thus, we presented a holistic solution for Cloudoffix, which offers a holistic software solution to companies.


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Discuss, etc.

Events, etc.

SRM, etc.

Survey, etc.

Calender, etc.

Imcomplite #FFCB47

Contacts, etc.

Active,True #22BF8E

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Block Gray #F8F8F8

Text Gray #9EA5AA

Background Gray #F8F8F8




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Low Code Approach

Whenever you fall short, or simply want something completely different, We can save the day! Our dedicated development team can tailor-make your platform to fit just right.

Super custom made business platform solution for super unique businesses!

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Chart Views

Gantt chart will ensure you have a full view of your projects in terms of tasks, subtasks, when they are due to start or end, and even their dependencies.


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Closing the Deals

From opportunity to invoicing. Manage all your sales cycle with CloudOffix Sales Cloud.

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Intelligently Matched 

Received a payment? CloudOffix will match it with the corresponding invoice automatically.

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The right one is always enough

Sales Cloud replaces different Cloud CRM Solutions in the market, such as; Salesforce, Zoho CRM, MS Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, VTiger CRM, Suite CRM

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Thank you.


Project Management

UI Design

Art Direction

Icon Design


Gökhan Erdoğdu, Cloudoffix

Sıla Ada Cengiz, Cloudoffix

Şener Soysal, Baht.

Gonca Mutaf

Şener Soysal

Fatma Karslıoğlu

Gonca Mutaf

Selçuk Atay, Cloudoffix

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