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We redesigned the corporate website of Marmara Municipalities Union, which works in areas such as environmental management, urbanization, migration and social cohesion, local diplomacy, local development, city technologies and innovation. We carried out the project in four phases:


We reviewed the contents and the existing site. We determined the site network map and the hierarchy between the pages. As a public institution, MMU has thousands of content on its website and many units and fields that it managed. Therefore, we defined the relationship between the type, related unit, field of study, and SKA of each content on the site.


We designed a website with flat, angular forms in accordance with the brand identity of MMU. The pages got sincere with animation, colleges and secondary colors. In addition, we produced layouts that will be inclusive and sustainable for all content.


We have completed the frontend and backend software of the website with the specially prepared Content Management System integration. We migrated most of the content from the previous database and software to fit the new design.


We soft-launched the website. We delivered the site by adding additional functions during the broadcast.


We provided CMS training to the MBB team. Sustainable, consistent and independent management is possible with the editor and admin module.

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Thank you!


Project Coordinators

Design Team

Web Development

Marmara Municipalities Union

Corporate Communication Department


Emrehan Furkan Duzgiden (MBB)

Sener Soysal (Baht.)


Fatma Karslioglu

Gonca Mutaf

Sener Soysal

Samil Hazir (Algoritmik)

Sercan Bayrambey

Yasar Bardaklar

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