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MARINBASE is an experienced maritime team that offers yacht and naval management services throughout the Mediterranean. MARINBASE has added yacht buying and selling to its services. It was decided that this new service would be a sub-brand with an independent site, and colour scale, separate from other services.

We have determined the colour scale and visual language of the new service. We have prepared a portfolio site where the features of the boats for sale will be displayed. We also designed presentations, documents, and social media templates for boat promotions.

The services and main motto of MARINBASE were thus redefined: Exclusive Yacht Management, Expert Naval Management, Elegant Yacht Sales. Briefly; Exclusive. Expert. Elegant.

Asset 1_4x.png
Asset 7_4x.png
Asset 3_4x.png
Asset 4_4x.png
Asset 1_2x.png
Asset 2_4x.png
Asset 6_4x.png
Asset 10_4x.png
Asset 8_4x.png
Asset 7_4x.png
Asset 5_4x.png
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Asset 3_4x.png
Asset 9_4x.png

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