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ERG & Partners is a consulting firm working in the field of independent auditing and financial consulting. They have a corporate culture that values ​​good communication, rational solutions, and strong collaborations. Only a corporate identity design of the company had been made. It needed to tell its values ​​and services on digital platforms.


We prepared the website and social media design concept for the digital visibility of ERG & Partners. By developing the boundaries of corporate identity, we created a color palette and a brand language for photographs and illustrations. We have created an easy-to-understand, user-friendly website. The site also includes a special tool called "Audit Must Test" for potential customers. We worked on the social media concept design for the marketing partners and prepared nearly 20 content templates.

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Typography & Colors

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Avenir Book

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Icon Set

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One of the first questions on the ERG + Partners website is “What does it take/What is needed to create a story?”. The question is answered as “Knowledge, experience, solidarity, communication.” which is also the summary of the ERG Partners & Baht collaboration. This beautiful story was prepared in 40 days with this solidarity.

Client: Yasin Ergün, ERG & Partners

Design & Development: Baht. Design Studio

Team Photo Shooting: Sinesiluet

Social Media Management: Wicasa Group


Art Director & UI: Sener Soysal

Social Media & Illustrations: Fatma Karslioglu, Hilal Topkaraoglu

Web Development: Samil Hazir

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