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"İstanbul’un Alternatif Tarihi (Istanbul's Alternative History)" is a storybook based on the history of Istanbul, written by Barış Uzunhan. Although the stories seem to be real, they are completely fictional, and the author insistently reminds the reader. It has entertaining and witty language with historical details.



We made the cover design and text composition for the book. We got inspired by the author's words: "This city didn't come out of a banana peel!” We created an image by combining Galata Tower, a historic landmark of Istanbul, and a banana.


The book is a social responsibility project. All income is given to students as scholarships. We took part in this project as a non-profit as we wanted to support students and education.


The writer fictionalized very realistic stories, but all of them are fake stories you know… Just like the fabulous history of Istanbul, the truths and the lies are intertwined.


The writer who fictionalized very realistic stories. But all of them are all fake stories you know ... Like the fabulous history of Istanbul, truth and lies are intertwined.

Author  Barış Uzunhan   

Editors Müjgan Tanabey Gök - Eren Ergün      

Book Cover Baht. Studio


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