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What is FAQ?

FAQ About is a FAQ product where you can create your own FAQ pages, easily add to your website and share on social media.


What did we do?

We prepared all the end-to-end design works of FAQ About. We designed the brand identity, interface designs, landing page and various marketing materials.


We designed the logo by thinking about the product name as responsive. We created a contrast within the logo by pairing the familiar speech bubble metaphor with the Q. Additionally; it has a structure that can be simplified like a stencil and does not get in the way of the content.

We prepared the product interface to highlight the page's subject and content and used as few details as possible to differentiate the design. We've also made it open to customization. This made it easier to integrate with other websites.


As the last step of brand identity, we prepared illustrations. We designed characters stuck in spaces but still comfortable because they found a solution. Because creating FAQs is both tedious and fun :)


For more information, see the FAQ About page of FAQ About. You can also become a member and start using it free of charge!

Asset 25_3x-100.jpg
Asset 31_4x.png

Stop telling

the same things

a million times!

FAQ About is an online tool that everyone can create and share their own FAQ pages easily and free.

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Start creating your own FAQ pages and share. It's free, absolutely!

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Start creating your own FAQ pages and share. It's free, absolutely!

Made remotely with love in

Bristol, London, Istanbul, Izmir


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