Acrome is a technology startup that develops robotic products for educational purposes. Students can perform tests in areas such as automation, control, robotics, mechatronics in their school's technology laboratories with Acrome Robotics products and curricula.


The logo and design language of Acrome, which produces innovative technologies, expressed a very old feeling. Even the Copperplate font that used as brand typeface, pointed to financial affairs in the early 20th century.



We did an extensive rebranding for Acrome. The transformation that starts with the new logo which refers to a robot arm and the letter A,  concluded with the  web site, the one pager and the datasheets. Additionally, the photos and videos of the products were prepared to be used in these channels.


Our cooperation with Acrome continues as a response to their new needs during their marketing activities and their newly-developed products. The skill of the marketing team continues to raise the sales graphics with new branding and designs.

acrome-websitesi-2 copy.jpg

You can visit the website to access documents and product videos.

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