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definition - "any type of word" project

Any Type of Word is a non-profit innovative design dictionary project by Baht. Design Studio. It redefines daily words in the context of design and each of these words is represented by a word card that is designed in order to create the sense of identication of the word’s re-definiton.


The cards includes definitions, redefiniton, and also most importantly, various content on the redifinited subject.


Here is the ideation, visualization and branding process of the project.


font - dynamic style with Balboa Font Family


colors - 5x2 color grid

text fonts - Mark FF Font Family & Georgia Bold Italic


type fonts - It increases by word and meaning.


web site - words, types and more...

instagram - a new medium of this dictionary


Any Type of Word" was created with love by Baht. Design Studio.

project - Gonca Mutaf      art director - Sener Soysal

card designs & texts - Plently of Gonca Mutaf. A little bit Sener Soysal, Fatma Karslioglu. (If you want too, contact us:

logo design - Sener Soysal


we like simplicity, functionality, serendipity and we      typography

Baht. London and Istanbul based design studio.

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