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Virasoft is a software company working in the field of digital pathology. It facilitates the diagnosis of pathology cases with artificial intelligence.  Virasoft also has products about laboratory workflow, easy consultation and training. At the beginning of 2020, Virasoft revised its targeting to the American market after the investment it received.


Both the brand identity and contents of Virasoft had to be restructured. A modern, technological and inclusive brand identity which is suitable for Virasoft's innovative services was needed.


As the Baht team, we renewed the brand identity of Virasoft. We have built an inclusive design language based on innovative values. In this context, we prepared images and illustrations for services. In addition, we designed the website, presentations and marketing materials in line with their new goals.


We also prepared the product UI designs of Virapis, the workflow software of Virasoft. We designed the software used by technicians, secretaries and doctors in pathology laboratories as more functional and user-friendly.

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