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Çok İyi İşler (Very Good Works) is a Turkey-based art publication founded by the art critic Rumeysa Kiger. The initial idea was to deliver one new piece of art content to its followers on WhatsApp every day. Later, it took its place on Instagram and Youtube.

The growing publication needed a new identity that reflected its values.

We renewed the logo and corporate identity design for the project. We've cleaned up the crowdedness of the existing logo. We brought the speech bubble idea to a simple and geometric form. It has turned into an attention-grabbing logo. In addition, we prepared a corporate presentation and some assets.


We also follow Çok İyi İşler to follow very good (çok iyi) work.

Asset 1.png
Asset 1.png
Asset 3.png
Asset 4.png
çok iyi işler_r1-02.jpg
Asset 8.png
Asset 9.png
Asset 10.png

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