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We produce end-to-end solutions from your logo and identity to your website and marketing materials. We have worked with start-ups, scale-ups, and companies from many different industries to this day. We are passionate about collaborating with many more and helping them grow!

Analysing your brand's building blocks is vital for creating a successful visual identity. We offer free consultations to understand your brand and help you define your brand clearly. We will help you with your business needs.


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"If you want to attract your customers with a strong narrative and a high degree of aesthetic concern, Baht will be a good company in this regard."

Efe Subasi | CDO, Riders


"They created the whole branding approach, logos, visual identity, and many documents for Digitopia in the UK and Turkey. Their communication and business ethics make them the best design firms we have worked with before!"

Mark Walker-Smith | Head of EMEA, Digitopia

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"They have done a great job with an excellent result. They are very cooperative, and they offered help at any time and any point. We will work with Baht again in the future."

Nicolai Colshorn | Director, Provital

To this day, we have worked for start-ups and companies from many different sectors.

Accounting, Art Publication 👩‍🎨, Artificial Intelligence 😱, Automotive 🚘, Brewery🍻, Blanket, Consulting, Digital Transformation Consulting, Digital Manufacturing,

E-Commerce👩🏼‍💻, ERP, Engineering, Food&Beverage 🥑, Food Supplements, Flavors, Geothermal Energy, History, Human Resources, Information Technologies, Luxury Clothing, Maker🙏🏻, Marketing, MMA Training 🥊 , Programing, Pathology, Photography Magazine 📷, Production, Powder Coating, Restaurant, Robotic, Sales&Marketing, Software, Startups 🤓, Tax Solutions, Yacht Management⛵ , Wine 🍷, Web Development,

3D Printing.

We are always keen 🤩 to learn about new sectors/services and designing a better branding & UI. 

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Hazal Ozkeles


Nathan Hemming-Brown

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