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MARUF was organized physically in 2019, and digitally in 2021 due to the pandemic. The assets included in the logo idea were used in a similar way for those two events. Especially in the digital event, the fact that everything was predominantly black gave a heavy feeling of pessimism and monotony.


MARUF is a relatively new forum. For this reason, it was desired to create a visual language without moving away from its existing identity. Additionally, the theme for 2023 was determined as “Resilience and Beyond”.


We approached the concept of resilience in two ways. The first was to increase static strength. We thickened MARUF’s assets and transformed them into simpler but block-looking forms. The second was to create composite textures. Because while a single plate can be deformed, composites, which are multi-layered and a combination of different materials, are more resilient. This approach also coincided with MARUF’s unifying and diversified brand values.


We developed the visual identity of MARUF23 with a maximalist approach based on the composite idea. A design that complements, overlaps, intersects and diverges... We created the entire design idea and conceptual design of the forum. We’ve established the ground rules that other agencies and producers will use. In addition, we prepared all the designs in the event area (stage, directions, posters, backdrops...), social media templates and promotional materials. We worked shoulder to shoulder with the MBB team.

We will share more assets soon.



Marmara Municipalities Union

Corporate Communication Department

Project Coordinators

Emrehan Furkan Duzgiden (MBB)

Sener Soysal (Baht.)

Design Team

Berk Poyraz

Beste Tekdogan

Deniz Kucuk

Gonca Mutaf

Sener Soysal

2D Motion

Eray Sarioglu

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