A digital production and prototyping center was established in the ITU Magnet Advanced Entrepreneurship Center located in Arı Teknokent. The center that we worked on its branding, is named as İTÜ Magnet Fab | Tridi by the co-decision of Tridi and Istanbul Technical University. It was desired to create a young and dynamic concept that included the brand language of both companies and did not dominate each other.



We have transformed these two different brands into a single logo in an equal hierarchy. We created a pattern by completely abstracting the forms in the logos. Thus, the logos can be completely dissolved into each other. We used these patterns in a visual dominance while preparing the branding identity elements. As a result, a new brand language emerged, with parts from both brands.

we like simplicity, functionality, serendipity and we      typography

Baht. London and Istanbul based design studio.

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