GMK Energy is an engineering company that provides project and consultancy services in the field of geothermal energy. It works on power plants, greenhouses and heating systems with geothermal energy, which is one of the renewable energies. It aims to offer competent engineering solutions with an innovative, modern and eco-friendly approach.



We prepared visual communication materials for GMK Energy in a long-term study. We created a strong and modern design language to differentiate it from its competitors. The process, which started with the logo and corporate identity, was completed with the documents, website and the sectoral mobile application which prepared for the calculation of geothermal efficiency.

Jeotermal enerji sektörü yatırımcılarının, saha bilgilerini paylaşarak yatırım verimliliği hesaplamalarını sağlayan bir mobil uygulama hazırladık. Ücretsiz olarak Appstore ve Google Play'den indirilebilir.

we like simplicity, functionality, serendipity and we      typography

Baht. London and Istanbul based design studio.

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