Digitopia is a London and Istanbul based company that consults and develops projects on digital transformation of companies. Working for important brands in this field, Digitopia also draws attention with its qualified reports and methodologies.



We are in long-term cooperation with Digitopia. We continue to develop and refine the branding concept with services. We prepare corporate presentations, reports, infographics, announcement visuals, and also design special graphics for their services.


An Interesting Detail

Digitopia is futuristic like its name, and driven by future predictions. This situation was reflected in the logo process as well: The logo icon was chosen from among the alternatives produced by an artificial intelligence algorithm. We determined logo type hierarchy and logo identity rules as we take on the editing and regulation tasks during the project.

we like simplicity, functionality, serendipity and we      typography

Baht. London and Istanbul based design studio.

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We conduct meetings to understand your brand and free consulting.

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